Human subconscious is still relatively an unexplored country and a powerhouse of almost unlimited potential. Mind is the fastest thing that can travel crossing any boundaries. It could represent a whole new dimension. Our dreams sometimes have reflection of the light from the hidden depth of subconscious. What if these dreams could be interpreted, what if dreams could be shared or connected, what if the power of subconscious could be controlled through dreams to find happiness , joy and peace, to conquer loneliness and distance Dreams are often absurd. The absurdity lies mostly in context, rather than in visuals. A revisit to childhood, fear of death, erotica are pretty common entities of our dreams which are hard to remove entirely. These inevitable ‘noises’ would probably remain always and keep our dreams mystic forever. But what if one could control a few avoid drowning in dream to wake up and instead could swim up to shore and continue to dream...what if one could use subconscious to reach another mind through a portal of dreams?
The inspiration from this series came after I watched David Lynch’s Mulloholland drive. Not that its theme is anyhow related to the movie at all, but I loved the surrealism in the film and decided to make a series of surrealistic nature. All frames are naturally photographed and no artistic manipulation was made in computer. It was awesome to think of ways create the special effect in some of the photos through composition and light mostly.
The woman in the photos is Jewel , a model friend of mine and the man in the series is the photographer himself.